Burlingame Farmer's Market Opens

I was living in Burlingame, CA when I approached the local farmer's market that set up in a small parking lot. They had no other crafters or goods there, but I asked anyway if I could set up a jewelry booth for my handmade jewelry. They said yes and ten years later, I am still setting up my table for Peggy Li Creations every summer on the streets of beautiful Burlingame.

Time: Sundays, 9am-1:30pm 
Location: Park Rd and Burlingame Ave.

A sampling of some of the vendors you may see on any given Sunday is below. There are bakeries, flowers, fresh fish, chocolates, veggies, fruit, local honey... the list goes on!
Recycled fabric handbags from EcoGirl.

Delicious Empanadas.

The market is different now, with many more vendors and quite a few more crafters setting up their tables on Sunday mornings on Park Road (cross street Burlingame Avenue). Every other Sunday you can find my handcrafted jewelry booth for Peggy Li Creations across from the Post Office (look for the blue tablecloth). My schedule at the market will always be posted on my website Events page. Next market for me will be April 29th and will most every other Sundays from there!

The best handmade pastas ever from http://www.mattarellosf.com/

My Peggy Li Creations farmer's market booth! Stop by and say hi!
The market is filled with awesome local vendors and being a part of local community businesses has been an amazing experience. The people are all so hardworking and dedicated to their crafts. Below are just a sampling of the things you can see on any given Sunday. I hope you'll stop by and check out my handmade jewelry one Sunday this summer! Email me in advance if you'd like to see something specific from my website, and I'll do my best to have a sample for you to check out at my booth. Sometimes you want to just hold it in your hand first.
Organic strawberries.

Fresh veggies of the season.

Thank you for supporting small, local businesses!



Melanie said...

I love the variety of farmer's markets and the vibrancy they bring to an area. What a great place to get out and see and meet new people in the community and get connected... and shop local!

Anonymous said...

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