Live Chat Help Now Available at

I've just added a very cool feature to my website that I hope you'll check out -- live chat! That's right, whenever I am online and in my Peggy Li Creations jewelry studio, you will have the chance to chat with me LIVE and ask any questions you may have. Looking for a particular stone, color or style? I can point you in the right direction! Have some feedback for me and the website? I'd love to hear it!

If I'm not online, you can also use the feature to quickly send me an email. Neat, right? I'll do my best to respond as soon as possible (usually same day!).

Just look for the blue tab in the lower right side of the page -- if you click, it will open a small chat window or email box if I'm not online (no need to open your email client!).

My chat is powered by A more formal review on that service after I test it out a little longer.

Let me know what you think and hope to chat with you soon!