Popular Gemstone Properties

When I lived in Los Angeles, I loved to browse the bins and books of the Psychic Eye bookshop. All the incense, tarot cards and crystals (not to mention the promise of discovering the secrets to your love life and luck) were endlessly fascinating. Endowing gemstones with special properties and the attribution of different meanings to gemstones has been passed down from ancient times. I've scoured the web for a few different nuggets of information and gathered some popular properties, historical, metaphysical and mythological, for some of the most popular gemstones I use for Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry. Of course the gemstone properties are meant to be informative, in no way do I know or have experienced whether these properties are true!

Amethyst Tiny Bubble Necklace
Amethyst - the name of the stone comes from the Greek for "without drunkenness". A stone that provides peace of mind.

Aquamarine - thought to be a powerful meditation stone. A calming stone that provides clarity.

Carnelian - a stone of great energy that calms fears and your temper.

Chalcedony - provides a healing, cleansing quality, absorbing negative energy.

Citrine - a popular stone to use in jewelry design, the stone promotes positive energy and in some circles, good digestion. If you're in sales, citrine is good said to multiply wealth.

Lemon Citrine Drop Earrings
Garnet - a grounding stone that is said to help you in business. Boosts your self-esteem and strengthens your friendships.

Jade - a stone of positive attitude. Some say it helps you be lucky in love.

Labradorite - stimulates the imagination and brings clarity to the mind!

Moonstone -
moonstone is a very exciting stone, bringing luck in love and in business.

Pearl and Ginko Leaf Bracelet
Pearl - a great gem to wear for centering, representing the solar plexus chakra*. Envelopes wearer with an aura of calm and beauty.

Peridot  - protecting against negative emotion. Soothing when worn at the base of the throat.

Oval Gem Earrings in Ruby 
Ruby - I read that ruby is one of the most powerful stones. Giving ruby as a gift is a powerful token of love. It is a symbol of vitality and courage.

Sapphire - this stone means "Blue" in Greek and is helpful for mental clarity and perception.

Smoky Topaz (or Quartz) - quartzes are protection stones that help clear out negative energy. Smoky quartz (also called smoky topaz) boosts your productivity.

Tourmaline Chain Necklace
Tourmaline - the dual color represents the balance between the feminine and masculine. Attracts love and has strong healing properties.

Turquoise - a stone that has long been worn for protection and seen as a sign of wealth. A symbol of friendship and turquoise also brings peace to a home. Pair this stone with copper to enhance its properties.

For even more healing properties of stones and more, check out this website called Crystal Cure and then hop over to peggyli.com and shop for handmade jewelry with some of these fun gemstone properties in the back of your mind!  Looking for a custom combination of healing stones? I've been known to create a chakra necklace or two. Feel free to message me with your request.

What are your favorite stones? Do any stones just make you feel better when you wear them? Share in the comments, below!


* What is a chakra? From Wikipedia: "The concept of chakra features in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakra are believed to be centers of the body from which a person can collect energy. They are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts." When doing crystal and stone therapy, stones are often applied to specific chakra points for your ailments."