Rebecca Romijn Wears Jewelry by Peggy Li

I mean, wow. Rebecca Romijn wearing Peggy Li Creations necklaces! Better known as Mystique from X-men, supermodel, former Rebecca Romijn Stamos (now married to Jerry O'Connell).

Rebecca has been starring in quirky Adult Swim comedy NTSF:SD:SUV, a parody of police procedurals also starring Paul Sheer, Kate Mulgrew and June Diane Raphael. She plays Jessie Nichols, the super nerdy lab tech who also just happens to be drop dead gorgeous (even if she isn't doused in blue body paint!). Here, she wears my Smoky Quartz bubble necklace in episode "Lights, Camera, Assassination" and in "Comic-Con-Flict"

Rebecca Romijn necklace by Peggy Li Creations

I always love seeing amazing actresses like Rebecca Romijn wearing my necklaces and jewelry. Check out my website and see all of my Peggy Li Creations Press.



jelly andrews said...

No wonder she wore it. It is really adorable. It seems so simple yet it really adds beauty to the one who wears it.