Jessica Lu wears Peggy Li Jewelry

I first discovered actress Jessica Lu on the MTV show "Awkward" where she plays quirky Ming, who always wears a knit hat and geeky glasses. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she is a vibrant, gorgeous, funny and talented young woman who is involved with her community and motivating young people to follow their dreams and make change in the world. I immediately thought she'd be an awesome match with Peggy Li Creations jewelry!
A sweet Tweet from Jessica herself when she opened my jewelry gift package!
 I was so lucky that she was open to trying out a few pieces, including some super fun custom-made necklaces (at her request). I was happy to make them and even more excited to see her appearing at amazing celebrity events wearing my handmade jewelry designs!
Jessica Lu at The Young Turks
Jessica looking glam at a The Young Turks election event. She's wearing my Confetti Gem Necklace in Blue.
 She had asked for some necklaces with color that she could pop with her outfits, so I sent her my Confetti Gem Necklaces in all colors and in a variety of lengths!

Jessica Lu Necklace Peggy Li Creations
How does Jessica Lu look so amazing when she loves Taco Bell!
She also loved the look of my Embellished Stamped Pendant Necklace and I was happy to stamp "JLu" on them.

Jessica has supported events like AIDS Walk Los Angeles, The Trevor Project, raising money for Hurricane Sandy victims, and getting out the vote with The Young Turks. All this and she's hilarious, too. But don't just take my word for it, check her out on Twitter at @HiJessicaLu

Thanks so much, Jessica, can't wait to see what you're going to do next!