Recap: San Jose Made Holiday 2012

My first time selling Peggy Li Creations jewelry in the South Bay at the San Jose Made for Holiday 2012 was a great experience! The event was held on Saturday, December 1st at the San Pedro Market Square. I had never been to this venue, which is located in an area of San Jose that had tons of shops and restaurants. There was a huge parking garage located across the street (yay!) that had all-day parking on the weekends for $5 (free with shop validation, double yay!).
Booth ready to go!

San Pedro Market Square had a farmer's market and food trucks parked outside its two pavilions  with outdoor picnic seating between. A very fun space, I understand that they often have live music and other events at the venue on a regular basis. Filled with local shops and food vendors, the place had a great vibe and industrial feel. I was lucky to be placed in a room that had huge industrial doors/windows and a drip coffee bar.

This patron sported his Return of the Jedi lunchbox -- classic.
The foot traffic was steady all day, despite the occasional rain. Of course had to sample the food (and beer) which was outstanding! Faves were the chicken and waffle cone from The Chef Counter, the Diavola pizza at Bocca Lupo and the Alagash white beer at The Bar.

The vendors turned it out as well! I was obsessed with the handmade terrariums from Leandra seated next to  me. I loved her story -- she pulled the succulents from her own garden to create whimsical succulent plant arrangements. She knew each type of plant and how they would grow. So fun!
Across the way from me were these adorable plush pillows? toys? Doesn't matter. Fun and whimsical. I especially loved the bright orange fox and the crafty masked raccoon.

There you have it! A great day in San Jose. I got to see some long-time customers based in the South Bay (finally!) and discovered a really cool hangout in San Jose. A huge thanks to the organizer Stephanie, all the volunteer helpers, and all the folks who came out to shop!

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