Symbols and Meanings of Jewelry Charms

I love working with charms, big and small, all shapes and varieties here at Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry. But have you ever wondered about the meanings behind that upside-down hand or eye symbol?

I recently looked into some of the more well-known symbolic meanings behind a few of my favorite charm necklaces. If you are curious like I was, I thought I’d share them here.

The stories behind a lot of popular symbols are fascinating, and many have multiple meanings since they have been interpreted - and re-interpreted - by different cultures around the world for ages. There isn't enough space here to share everything about these unique shapes, but hopefully you will enjoy learning a little more about them!

Gold OM charm necklace with gemstones
Gemstone Om Necklace available at
OM - Om is the symbol for the sacred Hindu sound of "ohm", a mantra that people often associate with yoga and meditation.

Tree of Life - The tree connects heaven to earth, therefore symbolizes the connectedness of all life. It is often used as a symbol for family and harmony, and can symbolize wisdom and healing.

Evil Eye - We all have probably heard of some form of the evil eye. Perhaps you've given someone the "stink eye" for cutting in line. In ancient times, having a symbol of the evil eye, often paired with the Hamsa Hand, was considered a symbolic way to bend the evil gaze back to the gazer. The evil eye charm was painted on boats or traditionally created out of blue, white and black trinkets.

Hamsa Hand - also known as the Hand of Fatima, the hamsa is a popular amulet in the Middle East and North Africa. The upside down hand, often with an evil eye in the palm, is a symbol of protection used to ward off the evil eye.

Necklace with evil eye charm and hamsa hand charm
Evil Eye and Hamsa Necklace, available at

Lotus Blossom - In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes faithfulness and good fortune. This flower grows from muddy waters only to create a beautiful blossom, so the Lotus flower is also a symbol of rebirth.

Dragonfly - Dragonflies are a symbol of the power of change. Dragonflies live a short life, so they are a reminder to live life to the fullest.

Italian Horn - Also called a cornuto, corno, or cornicello, this symbol is of Italian origin. "Corno" means horn. The Italian horn is a symbol of good luck, a charm to ward off the evil eye, and good fortune in love.

Acorn - This fruit of the oak tree is a symbol for strength and power. From such a small seed, strong oak trees grow!

Fleur de Lys - originated with the symbols associated with French royalty, the fleur de lys is a stylized lily flower. The lily represents purity. The three petals have also been associated with the holy Trinity.

Elephant – Unsurprisingly, these noble animals represent strength, honor and patience. They are usually thought of as very lucky charms!

Italian horn charm necklace in gold
Italian Horn Necklace (in 14k gold and 14k gold-filled) available at This necklace was seen on TV's Private Practice!
Which symbol is your favorite?  Stay tuned for Part II of this post and even more charms and their meanings.




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I have been seeing that Hamsa hand and Evil Eye everywhere lately! The concept behind it is so interesting. Thank you for sharing! Love the post -