Geometric Jewelry Collection by Peggy Li Creations

I'm in love with geometric shapes and have created a special geometric jewelry collection for Peggy Li Creations to celebrate clean lines and interesting angles! There is something so easy and satisfying to take raw wire and bend it into shapes that are recognizable, yet take on a life of their own when combined into necklaces, earrings and more.

All of my geometric jewelry collection is a combinations of the simplest shapes known to man -- squares, triangles and circles. Here are some of my current favorites:

Multi Geo Shape Necklace
Multi Geo Shape Necklace - triangles. An elegant alternative to a spiked necklace.
Small Geo Shape Necklace. Choose Triangle or Square (the Small Geo Square is being used on The Vampire Diaries season 5).
Geo Letter Necklace
Geo Letter Necklace -- a customized initial pendant is created just for you. I love the use of negative space this charm necklace celebrates.
Geo Shape Necklace (seen on The Vampire Diaries)! Dramatic and graphic, yet light and airy necklaces.
Calder Necklace
Cornered Geo Necklace - don't be shy, this necklace has movement and life and is a statement without being heavy.

small heart necklace
Have a Heart Necklaces are a sweet handmade heart charm necklace, made with love.
Cornered Geo Earrings
Cornered Geo Earrings - unique handmade earrings made of interlocking triangles.
Geo Shape Bracelet
Geo Bracelet in Diamond - I'm in love with these geometric shapes! This handmade bracelet can be layered or worn alone.

There are even more Geo items on the website, including Geo Shape Earrings and Geo Shape Rings, available in 3 shapes each at