Ear Cuffs by Peggy Li Creations

I am the jewelry designer behind Peggy Li Creations yet I don't have pierced ears. I always have options for clipon earrings, But finally one day it hit me - ear cuffs! Ear cuffs are designed to slip over your earlobe and use the natural curves and cartilage to hold the ear cuff in place.

So I've added a few ear cuffs to my handmade jewelry collection. They are great to stack with your existing piercings and definitely a fun solution to wearing jewelry on your ears if you don't have ear piercings or can't wear regular earrings.

As always, I think it's great to have a great basic, so to start I have this simple, single ear cuff. it's available in both a sterling silver and 14k gold-filled. Shop Simple Ear Cuff.

single ear cuff
Simple Ear Cuff by Peggy Li Creations
Want a little more flair? I've also created a Double Ear cuff that is a single piece with the look of a double piercing. Shop Double Ear Cuff.

Double Ear Cuff
Double Ear Cuff by Peggy Li Creations, 14k rose gold-filled, sterling silver and 14k gold-filled

These ear cuffs are easy to wear -- slide them onto your ear at a narrow part, then slide them over a thicker section and maybe even give them a little squeeze shut.

how to wear ear cuffs
How to wear ear cuffs.
Shop these and other earrings, including clip on options, at handmade jewelry by peggyli.com!