FAQ: How Do I Untangle My Necklace?

Detangling Your Jewelry Tips
We've all had the experience of reaching into a jewelry box for the necklace we're in the mood to wear, and finding the chain tangled and knotted up with other pieces, or even worse, tangled on itself. With a little patience and some good lighting, you can detangle that pesky knot in the chain yourself. After you check out these tips on detangling that knotted chain, I'll follow up with a post on jewelry storage tips to help prevent a tangle from happening again!
How to Remove a Knot from a Necklace
1. Calm your mind. If you're frustrated as you attempt to detangle a piece of jewelry, you're more likely to damage or break the chain. If you're in a rush, set the necklace aside to detangle later.
2. Find a flat, well-lit work area. A desktop or kitchen table is perfect. Unclasp the necklace and set it flat. You'll make faster progress working this way than by holding the knot in the air.
3. You’ll need two fine sewing needles or two safety pins that are open at a wide angle.
4. Choose a starting point. If more than one necklace is tangled, focus on one chain at a time and one knot at a time. Poke one sewing needle into the center of the knot and use the other needle to pick at the knot very gently until you loosen a loop.
how to remove a knot from your necklace
A safety pin or needle can help you undo that knot in your necklace.

5. Take it slow. As you work the knot loose, create a hole to work with so that you can pull the chain through. Spread the loops of the knot wide on the table so you can see which parts are tangled. Work the chain free by removing one tangle at a time.

BONUS TIP: If a chain has a stubborn knot, a drop of oil may help loosen things up. Put a drop of olive oil, vegetable oil, or baby oil directly on the tangle and work it in. Once the necklace is untangled, dip it in warm water with a bit of dish soap to remove the oil, and pat it dry.

I've detangled dozens of necklaces over the years, even a few Peggy Li Creations chains, and by far the most important step is the first. Don't struggle with the jewelry piece, put it aside when you have a few minutes to sort it out.

Next up, storage tips to keep those tangles from happening! Or, check out some of my jewelry tarnish cleaning tips for sterling silver.