Jewelry seen on Andi Dorfman the Bachelorette

Another season of The Bachelorette kicked off with assistant district attorney Andi Dorfman looking for love on the hit reality TV show. I like Andi, I think she is no-nonsense and sincerely looking for someone to love. The Bachelorette guarantees a few things - drama, dramatic rose ceremonies, catch phrases (Andi's is "Sttttop!"), fabulous overseas locations, abs, tears and endless wardrobe changes! Andi has got style close to my own, so I was thrilled to discover she has chosen a few pieces from my Peggy Li Creations jewelry collection to wear on the show.

Andi wears my Pyrite Wrap Ring on a few date nights:
andi dorfman ring

Andi has a hiking day wearing my Feather Charm Necklace in gold overlay:

I absolutely loved Andi's basketball date outfit featuring Ash wedges, a Iro leather jacket and my Large Berber Pendant in gold plate:

Will Andi find love, maybe with Josh, or Nick? Can't wait to find out!  See all of the jewelry seen on The Bachelorette and other Peggy Li jewelry seen on TV.