Wear Jewelry Like Olivia Pope

The world has been taken by the intrigue, glamour and downright bananas storylines of TV show Scandal. Created by the queen of dramatic television Shonda Rhimes, Scandal is about PR fixer Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) who is having an affair with the President (Tony Goldwyn). That's the simplest way to describe it!  Along the way, the show has introduced catchphrases into the social media lexicon, including #gladiators #shutitdown #poped and #scandalfashion, which is led by the amazing Lyn Paolo. Lyn has created a stylish wardrobe for Olivia that re-imagines what a woman's working wardrobe should be. Olivia's clothes are her armor, her camouflage, her heart on her sleeve. She very literally wears the "white hat" in the show and into the workplace!  It also doesn't hurt that star Kerry Washington is a stunning beauty.

What I love about Scandal, from a Peggy Li Creations point of view, besides the enormous privilege of having my jewelry used on the show, is watching the influence the show has on how women are approaching jewelry for the workplace!  Olivia has a few go-to pieces:

1) An amazing watch (on the show, Movado)
2) Long layered necklace
3) Ring of sentimental value
4) Classic pearl or simple earrings
olivia pope fashion
The many fashion looks of Olivia Pope - beautiful jacket, sharp accessory details.
Here are some Peggy Li Creations jewelry picks that I think are quintessentially Olivia -

post pearl earrings
Post Pearl Earrings, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.

long pearl necklace scandal
A long necklace which you can wear but it doesn't distract from the overall outfit, only highlights it.

stacked gold ring
Deco Ring, a ring that looks handcrafted and personal.

Can't wait to see how Olivia's fashion continues to evolve and speak for her character in a new season of Scandal. And hopefully PLC jewelry will be there as well! See all the Peggy Li Jewelry looks seen on Scandal so far.