Alternative Engagement or Wedding Bands and Rings

The only rules in fashion these days is that there are no rules! That even goes for bridal and bridal jewelry, especially at Peggy Li Creations jewelry.

Alternative engagement rings allow the giver to express a more personal touch, whether it is using stones other than diamond, or something symbolic about their special relationship with the person they love.

I've had both my Teardrop Ring and Arrow ring be used as wedding/engagement rings! Just going to show that a ring doesn't have to be expensive, or even precious, to be able to seal the deal.  Here are some fun and simple rings to consider for your engagement or wedding ring or maybe even just a push present or anniversary gift!

Diamond Hug Ring - alternative wedding band
Diamond Hug Ring - sterling silver, champagne diamond.
Love Ring alternative engagement ring
Love Ring, need we say more?

Teardrop Ring alternative engagement rings
Teardrop Rings - a client ordered 3 rings in 3 different metals to represent their kids.

Thick band ring with diamond alternative engagement ring
Thick band ring with yellow diamond - Go big or go home! A cool, modern take on traditional engagement or wedding ring!

Teeny Gem Rings, stack them any way you like and choose gems that have meaning to you for alternative wedding bands.

Arrow Ring
Arrow Ring - a customer used this to propose to his girlfriend! The symbol had meaning to them and that's what's important for any engagement ring.

Which picks are your favorite? What was your engagement ring like? Post in the comments, below!