Jewelry seen on Jane the Virgin

The first season of Jane the Virgin is the breakout for star Gina Rodriguez. Playing Jane Villanueva, Gina has won a best actress Golden Globe for musical or comedy. Jane is a bright, ambitious young woman engaged to a handsome police detective when a mixup at her doctors results in her getting pregnant - even though she is a virgin! 

Loosely based on a Venezuelan telanovella, this CW show is based in Miami and balances a mix of drama, comedy and magic realism. Jane the Virgin also stars Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, justin Baldoni, and Ivonne Coll.

So happy to be a tiny part of this groundbreaking show! Jane's style is bright, sunny, with feminine dresses and looks that celebrate her curves. Here are the jewelry pieces worn by Jane so far on the show!

Gina Rodriguez as Jane the Virgin
Jane wears my Spark Earrings (also seen on TV shows Arrow and Hart of Dixie).

Gina Rodriguez Arrow Ring Jane the Virgin
Jane wearing my Adjustable Arrow Ring on Jane the Virgin.

Gina Rodriguez Heart Ring
Jane the Virgin (Gina Rodriguez) wearing my Sweetheart ring on Jane the Virgin episode "Chapter Eleven".
Circles Bracelet Jane the Virgin
Circles Bracelet worn by Jane (Gina Rodriguez) on Jane the Virgin during dinner with Rafael.

Jane the Virgin pearl earrings
I loved how my Lotus Petal pearl earrings bounced and sparkled on Jane (Gina Rodriguez)
Are you watching Jane the Virgin? Do you love the style on the show? Tell me in the comments, below and shop all the jewelry looks from Jane the Virgin here!



Lisa B said...

Peggy, your jewelry is lovely. Do you make something like Jane's layered turquoise necklace from the first couple of episodes in season one?

plcpeggy said...

Hi Lisa,
thank you! I'm not sure what necklaces you're referring to, please email me info(at) and let me know what episode or send a picture?