Minimalist Ear Climbers

The ear climber trend continues! Here at Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, I've boiled down this trend, taking the elaborate jeweled pieces seen on the red carpet and translating them into my style of clean, minimalist chic.

What I love most about ear climbers is that they can be worn in piercings or on ears for those without piercing! Just slip them over your earlobe and give a gentle squeeze.

Pair your earclimbers with simple stud earrings and ear cuffs for an ear party stack! I'd love to see how you wear your PLC jewelry - post pictures on Instagram with hashtag #plcpeggy.

Simple Ear Climbers
Blade Ear Climbers by Peggy Li Creations.

Simple Earclimber

Sunburst Ear Climber
Sunburst Ear Climber by Peggy Li Creations.
Peggy Li Creations Sunburst earclimber

Ear climbers are sold individually -- choose a right side earclimber or a left side earclimber. So you may wear one, or mix and match styles! It's up to you. Will you try this new and fun earring accessory?



Kelly Martino said...

Such a unique style of jewelry. Very clean lines and dainty. Love them!

Priscila Carter said...

This is something I never seen before! Love this style! Nothing bulky. Unique and strong. Love these pieces! L+D