Shop the Fashion You See on TV!

C'mon, admit it. Sometimes you watch TV just for the fashion! Television has been influencing fashion for decades - think Dynasty, Friends - and so are shows today like Scandal, Elementary, Jane the Virgin and Pretty Little Liars.

There are definitely challenges to dressing like your favorite TV character. Aside from budget, most of these shows are filmed weeks before they hit the air. That means that awesome dress you saw Jane wearing might already be sold out!

(I really try at Peggy Li Creations to keep all the jewelry looks seen on TV in stock, but sometimes they sell out!)

Moving fast is often important and that's where some of my favorite TV fashion spotting websites come into play! With TV fashion crossing over into the real world costume designers (and stylists) are coming more and more to the forefront.

Here are some of my favorite websites for tracking down that amazing outfit you saw on Olivia Pope or Felicity Smoak that you just have to have: - A great roundup of fashion from a variety of TV shows and includes "close matches" for those items that are no longer available. Updates quickly - follow their Twitter for instant info. - Super classy fashion spotting site that covers more than just TV, but includes events, music, tech and more. - a tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek fashion roundup by Dana Weiss, consisting of her favorite (and love to hate) shows. Nice and heavy on reality TV! Also includes lots of behind the scenes interviews of costume designers and great deals/giveways from fashion brands featured. a fashion spotting site devoted to the TV show Arrow!

Joan's Fashion Show - a fashion spotting site for the TV show Elementary. She is great about finding the sometimes eclectic wardrobe on the show and has been an amazing Peggy Li Creations supporter. I especially love the animated gifs she uses to capture a spot! - A great site devoted to spotting fashion on TV, from the clothes to accessories to jewelry.

StyleID - sophisticated website with many costume designers themselves talking about your favorite outfits.

Fashion on Castle - by the costume designer for Castle, Luke Reichle

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