Holiday Gift Guide 2016: TV Fanatic

I've long been a TV fan, even before I started making jewelry and having my pieces seen on TV! My favorite shows as a kid was original Star Trek, classics like Gilligan's Island, and yes, I even had a stint with daytime soaps (General Hospital, Days of our Lives).

Now that the holiday season is here, why not grab a gift for that TV fanatic in your life? Here are some of my picks, from one fan to another!

1) Peggy Li Creations Jewelry - of course I have to plug my work! Grab unique jewelry designs seen on some of your favorite TV shows. Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Jane the Virgin, Elementary, How to Get Away With Murder, Pretty Little Liars and even all the way back to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (where it all began).

A little bit of bling seen on a favorite character brings you closer to that character and can perhaps even complete your outfit if you're heading out to a fan convention (Comic Con or Heroes and Villains anyone?) or just wanted to put the finishing touch on your cosplay!

2) Nuts on Clark - any Netflix and binge needs some great snacks! I can never resist the Chicago classic of cheddar cheese popcorn mixed with caramel corn. While there is much debate on who makes the best, my pick is Nuts on Clark. Don't like those flavors? No problem, there is lots more to choose from!

3) Law & Order: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-20 Bundle) - few shows have made it through 20 seasons and if you ask me, the original Law & Order could have kept going for another 20. While it is on endless rotation on network TV, it is an amazing binge when you own the discs yourself. Pricey since it is no longer in print, this is really one of the best gifts I ever got!

4) Entertainment Weekly - for me, this magazine is the bible of current entertainment, from film to TV. With so much media (streaming, TV, film) these days, it's hard to keep up! This is one magazine that sits in my bathroom and always gets read.

5) Onsie - Yep! Those great one piece pajamas have been updated for adults! I've always been fascinated with the ones made by OnePiece, a company out of Oslo, Norway. You bet these are on my holiday wish list!

What better way to Netflix and chill than in total binge-prepared comfort? The only question is: footed or non-footed?

Of course, you can find any number of fun equivalents at your local Target or Amazon (I'm partial to the animal ones as well!):

6) TV Ears - my Dad loves to watch TV but now has problems hearing. He of course refuses to wear hearing aids, so what was our solution? TV Ears! While these are not a replacement for hearing aids, they do allow my Dad to watch TV at his own volume, so anyone else watching can listen at more manageable decibles. So far, so good.

What are your favorite gifts for the TV fan? Let me know in the comments and happy holidays to all!



Jennifer said...

I love the onesie too! And of course your handmade jewelry are forever timeless. :)

Hancocks London said...

Great gift guide! I like them all. Thanks for sharing.