Jewelry Business Tips and Hints: Branding, Packaging

I'm often completely focused on cranking through my designs and fulfilling my Peggy Li Creations orders. Packing up the orders is my LEAST favorite activity. But that step after the order is completed can be equally important! I'm talking about packaging and other finishing touches. After all, the first impression a customer gets of your work is when they get the package in the mail and first open it!

I ship using USPS Priority shipping because they provide the boxes/packaging -- that in and of itself looks consistent and professional. I also take advantage of their online postage printing -- a printed label also looks more professional than a hand-written one. It can also help eliminate errors in addresses.

For the product itself, after some trial and error, I've settled on a system that works for me. Zip-top bags for each item (to prevent items from scratching each other), bubble wrap and colorful tissue with a branded sticker. It's simple and functional and doesn't cost a ton (you have to consider all of your packaging part of your expenses. After time, it definitely adds up!).

I've also started giving my jewelry a final polish before packaging -- seems like a no-brainer, but when you are tired at 1 am, it's something I usually forget to do! Smudges, fingerprints, I try and make sure those are cleaned up before the item gets bagged. I like using a Sunshine Cloth, but Pro-Polish pads are great, too (just remember that there is an abrasive on one side).

Some great resources for packaging, including hot-stamped boxes and other custom pieces:

Nashville Wraps
Bags and Bows
Bags of Bags

I use RioGrande, which requires a wholesale account, Nashville Wraps and Bags of Bags.

UPDATE: I'm giving some custom printed tissue paper a try, through They can do smaller minimums and print to order, not requiring a plate fee. I'll let you know about the quality of the product when I receive it! Little touches can make a big difference.

Got packaging tips and hints? Post a comment and please share!



Juanita said...

Packaging choices you make are very important as they represent your jewelry aesthetic. I like handwriting my address labels. I think it gives packages a personal touch and I enjoy the beautiful lines of fashionable script. It also matches my jewelry sensibilities - elegant and sophisticated. Some choose to pack in pretty organza bags, others in vintage tins, or even tea bags.

Anonymous said...

What company do you use to create your personalized jewelry boxes? I would like to use a the same size and then include a business card. Thanks :)

plcpeggy said...

Hello! I use Rio Grande for my hotstamped/custom boxes. You need to have a wholesale number/account with them. There are other companies like Nashville Wraps who will also do tons of packing options.