How I Use Instagram for My Business

When Instagram first burst on the scene, I must admit I was pretty much thinking "Ugh, ANOTHER social media platform to work on?!". As a small handmade jewelry designer, doing social media for my business is a must. There are the biggies like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, so why do I also add Instagram to my plate?

To me, Instagram is like a more visual Twitter. You can take the time to set up an image and craft your comment and then it is captured like a picture diary in your Instagram feed. Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, they are upping their game adding Live streaming and "stories" (a la Snapchat).

The most frustrating thing about Instagram, much like Facebook, is that there are these milestones you feel like you have to accomplish to be a "good" poster. Nice consistent images (not too many food pictures unless you are a food blogger, or your pets, etc. if that isn't your focus), post at least once a day, write engaging, meaningful captions, get as many followers as you can, or else no one will see your images in their feed... it's very chicken-and-egg and mysterious as to how to get more folks to see my feed. I'd love to share links in my Instagram stories, for example, but it is restricted to "verified" and business accounts with 10k or more followers. I've been trying to get verified on Twitter for months (that's another story) but have no idea how to get verified on Instagram and 10k followers?! seems like an impossible goal.
 Follow me on Instagram!
Follow me on Instagram!
Nevertheless, I must persist! I feel it is truly a wonderful outlet for fans and customers to have a little peek at the behind-the-scenes of the business. The good, the bad, the ugly. It is also a great way to see and learn about other artists, which is probably my favorite aspect of Instagram. I'll never have the perfectly staged images or whatnot, but that captures my business - I work solo and I'm multitasking and I make pieces to order and I focus my time on running the business rather than staging it. Maybe I'm a little boring? I can't fake the glamorous Insta-life that seems so unattainable.

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