Jewelry seen on Related - Lizzy Caplan, Kiele Sanchez

How about this for a throwback? In 2005-2006 the WB TV show "Related" had an awesome pedigree - "Friends" producer Marta Kaufman and "Sex and the City" writer Liz Tuccillo. Together they created a show about the four Italian-American Sorelli sisters and got an all-star cast of Jennifer Esposito (Ginnie Sorelli), Lizzy Caplan (Marjee Sorelli), Kiele Sanchez (Anne) and Laura Breckenridge (Rose). Set in Brooklyn, the show was about the Sorelli sisters' family dynamic and of course life and love for these young ladies! Back in the day HD wasn't really HD, but I wanted to capture the amazingness of some early Peggy Li Creations jewelry that was featured on the show!

Cast of Related Lizzy Caplan Jennifer Esposito Kiele Sanchez
Look at this beautiful cast (backlot of Paramount studios or the streets of Brooklyn? You decide!) - from left to right, Kiele Sanchez as Ann, Lizzy Caplan as Marjee, Jennifer Esposito as Ginnie, Callum Blue as Bob, and Lauren Breckenridge as Rose. Notice the large Wooden O necklace worn by Lizzy Caplan - those amazing wood pendants were limited edition and was matched with leather cord. You can see Lizzy wearing this necklace in the opening credits of the show as well!

One of the main storylines involves Ann and her ex boyfriend Danny. Although she's a therapist, Ann probably has the most messy relationships of all the Sorelli sisters! Here, Kiele Sanchez as Ann looks amazing in my Long Pearl Drop Earrings

I loved the natural wood look - here Ann wears a Tiger Ebony and 18k gold pendant necklace in the pilot episode of the show. Check out my Tiger Ebony Warm Wood Bracelet for a touch of that look.

Fiesty youngest sister Rose is perfect for some of my bolder, more unique jewelry design of the time! A huge slice of mother of pearl made for a dramatic pendant for Laura Breckenridge as Rose.

Rose grows up quickly on the show, in this clip from the season finale she wears a pair of Oval Gem Earrings with aquamarine stones.

Where are these ladies now? Jennifer Esposito went on to star on TV shows like Blue Bloods and NCIS. Lizzy Caplan is now an Emmy-nominated actress from her work on Masters of Sex. Kiele Sanchez had an ill-fated turn on TV juggernaut Lost and can now be seen on Kingdom. Laura has guest-starred on various shows including Bull and Criminal Minds.

Although the WB is no longer, these shows remain in our memories! Hopefully Lizzy Caplan will return to some comic roots as she showed such fun as Marjee in this show.

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