Peggy Li Creations on "Medium" episode "Mother's Little Helper"

The January 3rd episode of Medium, "Mother's Little Helper" had star Sofia Vassilieva wearing multiple Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, including:

Asiana Earrings

Fire Opal Earrings

Love Labradorite Necklace

Key to My Heart Necklace



Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Great Job on your newest spots* I've got to ask how do you get your jewelry on television shows? I read an article about how you got some of your jewelry on 'Buffy' and I've been trying every since. I don't have the funds right now for professional PR but my designs are quite unique and have a creative flair and I know they'd be good for say 'Smallville' or even 'Veronica Mars'. Thanks any information would be helpful :)

plcpeggy said...

Thanks! Getting work on "Medium" was through the costume designer I knew from "Buffy." So this was about maintaining that relationship (and delivering the work they needed).

You don't need a professional PR firm, you just need to look professional when you approach a store or TV show. Create a press kit (bio, line sheet, brief pitch letter) and send to the costume dept. for those shows. If you send samples, note that you may not get them back. Good luck.