July Monthly Business Goals

Hi! I'm participating this month in a blogging Business meetup from Modish Biz Tips. Here's a list of what's on deck for my handmade jewelry business, Handmade Jewelry by Designer Peggy Li.

Ok, here goes:

July Business Goals

  • Finish consignment order
  • Finish custom wedding order (bracelet and earrings)
  • Finish TV costume orders
  • Pack and move to new apt!
  • Don't forget to do quarterly sales tax payment/report
  • One blog post a week

Hm, now that I look at the list, they are BIG, general goals. But considering that I'm moving this month, that's about all I can muster.

'Til next month!


My @ tha Hotness said...

Best wishes on your goals for the month. I love the meetup, it was such a great idea.

Cyn said...

I just joined the Meetup last month and found it very motivating. Hope you do too. Good luck with your move, Peggy!

Anna said...

The quarterly sales tax filing/payment is one of those things that I had to start writing down w/due date, etc. It's so easy to forget. I hope you have a great July (and a nice, smooth moving experience).