The Perfect Workspace for Handmade Jewelry

I've been on the hunt for a new apartment, which has made me think a lot about the perfect workspace. I currently have a great live-work situation with big windows and my workbench situated just right (in front of my TV)... Here are the things I consider crucial to my space:

Light! Sunlight preferred
Table top space
Space for storage
Space for computer
Space for entertainment (TV, music)

What do you find most important to your creative workspace? Post a comment here!

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Wena Poon said...

For perfect workspaces, Stephen King said that all writers should have a room of their own to write in. He shuts himself up in a special, dedicated room in his house and does his thing. I don't like shutting myself up. My writing derives from the energy of people and the environment. I write my books on my MacAir Book laptop on airplanes and on the BART commute, while traveling for business, while chatting with strangers and photographing small objects found on the ground. With noise canceling headphones on, I can write anywhere. I've created a virtual room of one's own!

plcpeggy said...

There is also a famous essay by Virginia Woolf where she says specifically that a woman needs a room of one's own and money if she is to write fiction. Granted, this was in 1929!

Rima said...

i think sunlight through windows is the most important criteria for me, plus ofcourse i cant do without Tv or Music while making jewelry - makes it so m uch fun :)