Should I Get My Ears Pierced?

As I've mentioned before, I don't have pierced ears. This year, however, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and getting them pierced. In some ways, I prefer earrings over necklaces -- they can be so much more expressive, since they can move with your body! (And who wouldn't want to wear some sparklers like Angie does, above?).

What are your memories of getting your ears pierced for the first time? Where did you go (should I go to Claire's)?



AnaVar said...

I was 4 years old when my grandma took me to some goldsmith's shop. I don't wear earrings every day, sometimes even for months and I don't have any problems. I would regret not having my ears pierced.

Just go!

Mei said...

Hi Peggy!

My mom tells me I got my ears pierced when I was a little baby. I don't remember a thing about it (thank goodness!)

Earrings are so much fun, you should really get yours done!


Jill Marie said...

Wow...I waited until I was 19 to get my ears pierced. I went to Claire's with my sisters and they had promised me it wouldn't hurt. Well they lied....they had also told me that I could have both ears done at the same time....another lie!
I almost didn't have the second one done since the first one hurt so badly. They called me a baby and told me how funny I would look. I agreed and had the other one done but my ears burned and were bright red for at least a day or so.
I did enjoy picking out all sorts of new earrings and although I wasn't pleased about having to wait to change them from the starters I did and I never had any other problems.
I need to look at your earrings and find a new pair or two to get!
Love your work!

Alina said...

Yes! I just got mine pierce a week ago. It hurts more than a pinch though but not really bad. I would reccomend getting them both done at the same time (I couldn't). I went to Clarie's, they did a really good job. During the first week they feel sore and itchy, but now they only feel sore if you hit them by accident. It may hurt a bit while you clean it (I only pushed them forward and turned them because pushing them back hurts, but after the first week it doesn't hurt while cleaning). Also by hurt I mean feel a sore/ sting slightly. But yeah, it's worth it. Just don't touch them unless your cleaning them.
:) Now I have 5 more weeks to go until I can change them.