Bird Jewelry

Still experimenting with the wonders of Polyvore... what better collection to pull together than one of the Bird themed items I have at

I love birds! Their diversity, beauty and pure physical wonders have always fascinated me. I grew up with Zebra finches and a cockatiel as pets. I treasured my Audubon Field Guide to Birds and climbed trees and camped out in bushes to view the birds nesting around our home (for the record, there were some orioles, doves and swallows that made nests around our house. Awesome!).

So it's no wonder I have a diverse selection of handmade jewelry featuring many different bird charms! From swallows (ancient symbols for home and hope) to wings (angel or otherwise), delicate feathers, peaceful doves and wise owls, there will be bird necklaces or bird earrings here for you.

Feel free to explore my website for even more bird jewelry plus other whimsical and wonderful charm necklaces! Are there any charms in particular you'd like to see? Make your jewelry charm request for me in the comments of this blog!