Beware of Spam

Hi all,

I'm very sad to report that some unscrupulous spammers (based out of Russia/Argentina) are using my email address and blog URL to post "harmless" blog posts across the web. I've included an example of their message here. The scam is that they use posts that look legitimate to gain the trust of the blogger and get their posts approved. Then they wait, sometimes for months, until they start spamming the same blogs with spam posts. The approved posts may also help get their foreign IP addresses "whitelisted" on spam filters (like the one used by Wordpress blogs).

There is really nothing I can do to prevent someone entering my email address or URL into a comment form (my Gravatar is shown because it is tied to the email address used). I will, however, inform the ISPs that I can trace back that spammers are using their service.

I apologize to the blogs and forums that are receiving this spam -- please use your good judgement to recognize the suspicious (and poor) language of the post and feel free to reject it as spam. And to the blogs who have been kind enough to inform me of these fishy-looking posts, thank you for your concern. Have you spotted a suspicious post from me? Please contact me and let me know so I can try and either get the posts removed/inform the ISP or catch the idiots doing this work.

If you have tips on how to combat this type of spam, please share here!


PS it also pays to *always* screen your posts on your blog for spam and not to auto-post. These bots/spammers have a field day with unguarded blogs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, I followed a blog post on my site and saw where you were having spam problems and I saw the same message as an example as has been coming to mine. I do not allow auto posts; in fact, I don't allow comments. Here is what was there this morning. I have had others from "your site" but just didn't follow the link.

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plcpeggy said...


thanks for letting me know. I've attempted to contact the ISP this poster used, but they are using IPs from all over the world. Too bad these guys can just anonymously spam.


Erin said...

At least they're nice spam comments that make sense! I got one and now I've been sucked into drooling over your earrings and rings. I think this is the first time I've ever been glad to get a spam comment.

plcpeggy said...


LOL! Thanks for letting me know :).


Arrisje said...

Hi I got one to to my site but it got put in the trash can. I have set mine to no links allowed unless it's approved by me :)

This is the one which was on my site: Hiya! This is the third time visiting now and I really just wanted to say I truley relish reading through your site. I decided to bookmark it at with the title: Collard Greens – KinFolkRecipes | KinFolkRecipes and your Domain name: I hope this is ok with you, I’m making an attempt to give your wonderful blog a bit more exposure. Be back shortly.