FAQ: How Do I Layer Necklaces?

If you're like me, knowing how to layer necklaces is a mystery! I see all these great posts on Pinterest and on blogs in sepia tones of boho-chic women in their peasant blouses and beaded bracelets and *they look fabulous*. I know that  my own handmade jewelry, Peggy Li Creations, is nothing if not versatile. So I finally took the plunge and created some necklace designs that are so great for layering, they are no-brainers!

Layering necklace tip #1: Don't be afraid to mix metals.  
I love the two necklaces below -- they are from the same style with leather cords, but feature a mix of silver and bronze beads that give them an even more primitive vibe, which I love. In this case, the bolder Mother of Pearl Horn necklace anchors the more subtle Thai Silver Beaded necklace. Either piece can be worn alone but even have more power together.
Necklaces you can layer

Layered Necklaces Tip #2: More is MORE!
I started to carefully put necklaces together and then just gave up and put them all on the bust and voila! Layered necklace magic. The lesson? Don't be afraid to pile on the pieces. Different color, texture and shapes keep your eye moving from top to bottom, like the Horn Pendant Necklaces seen below, but I also think a repetition of the same pendant at different lengths would also be an awesome layered necklace look, like wearing three arrowheads in a row (hot!)
Layering Necklace Tutorial

Layering Necklace Tip #3: Let the necklace do the work!
Wear a necklace that has two or more strands paired together! You get a layered look in one piece that is easier to put on and take off than multiple singles. And no one says you can't add on a few more pieces to a double-stranded piece.  Show below, my Double Berber Pendant Necklace and my Horn and Geode Drusy Necklace (limited!).

Examples of layered necklaces

Layering Necklace Tip #4: Necklaces you can always layer.
There are certain pieces, just like pieces in your wardrobe, that *always* look good no matter how or what you wear with them. Here are some Peggy Li Creations jewelry design rock stars that I think you can layer with whatever else you want to wear.

Nameplate Necklace
Nameplate Necklace
Om Pendant Necklace
Tiny Om Necklace
Evil Eye Necklace
Evil Eye Necklace
Feather Charm Necklace
Tiny Feather Necklace

Layering Necklaces Tip #5: Go long!
Don't be afraid to wear longer necklaces! In some ways they are even easier to wear because you don't have to worry about your neckline. For many of my jewelry designs, I can make the chain any length you'd like. Simply email me with your request.  Here is a handy Necklace Length Guide to help you as well.

There you have it, my tips for wearing your necklaces layered. What are your tips? Leave them in the comments below!