FAQ: How to Choose Your Ring Size

With stacking rings and midi rings (otherwise known as knuckle rings) growing in popularity, you might be wondering, "What is my ring size, anyway?!". There are some free tools out there, like this printable ring size guide from Overstock.com (opens in a new window).  It's important with these printable sizers that you print the paper at the right scale.

For an easier and reusable way to measure your digits, I now carry this handy Ring Sizer! Make in the UK out of flexible plastic, you just slip this sizer over your finger like a belt and measure. Hold the sizer at the size you think you need, and slip it up and down your finger to make sure the size fits over your knuckles.

Cool, right? Purchase the reusable Ring Sizer at peggyli.com!
Purchase a ring sizer at peggyli.com.

Reusable Ring Sizer
Ring sizer in action!
Check out all the Rings available at peggyli.com and shop with your correct ring size! Don't see the size you need? Always feel free to contact me via email or chat and we can talk about what you need. :-).