Jewelry Seen on The Crazy Ones - Sarah Michelle Gellar

It was so exciting to hear that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams were going to be back on TV on a David E. Kelly comedy, The Crazy Ones! What? SMG (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) doing comedy? Turns out... it's a great little show, sweet and full of Robin Williams zaniness. I loved a recent episode where Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) planted a smooch on Andrew (Hamish Linkleter) - it was an unexpected twist, I would have thought they were going to pair Sydney with Zach (the smarmy handsome go-getter).

I have a history with Sarah Michelle Gellar TV shows, too. Having jewelry on Buffy started my business! It's such a thrill that several years later I have my work again being used for a show she stars in. Jewelry seen on The Crazy Ones so far:

Sydney wears my Rosy Reds earrings and Dome Ring on the episode "Bad Dad".
Sarah Michelle Gellar in Rosy Red Peggy Li earrings
Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) wears a variety of colorful earrings, these are my Rosy Reds Earrings

In episode "Breakfast Burrito Club", Sydney wears my Black Diamond Threader earrings for the whole show. UPDATE - this style is now sold out, but has been updated with Black Spinel for the same look!

Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) earrings on The Crazy Ones

In the Crazy Ones episode "Outbreak", neurotic Sydney tries to avoid catching the flu that is going around the office, while trying to send selfies to her new beau. She's also wearing my Crystal Elegance Earrings and Turquoise Pendant Necklace (turned inside out).

sydney the crazy ones

I'm looking forward to seeing more fabulous fashion and hopefully some more Peggy Li Creations jewelry to appear on the show. See all jewelry seen on TV on my website.