Makeshift Society Tablet Test Drive

Coworking space Makeshift Society put out a call for members to volunteer for the opportunity to test-drive an Intel tablet and blog/tweet about it for six weeks .I think I was the only person to say "yes", but as you can see below, the tablet delivered to my hands was pretty nifty!

It's a Thinkpad 2 by Lenovo, powered by Intel #inteltablets with a Windows 8 operating system (as opposed to Android). My parents just got a new desktop computer with Windows 8 and I knew they were having problems using the new interface, so I have a little trepidation about using it. I choose the Windows tablet because I use a PC, but it is a PC with old Windows 7. I'm hoping the tablet/Apple Ipad format of the tablet will make more sense with Windows 8, but we'll see!

It's a pretty machine with nice accessories (carrying case and bluetooth keyboard). The machine is light and with the carrying case, the whole setup is pretty compact. I hear that the battery life is good -- we'll see! Excited to start playing with it.

More to come!