Emily Bett Rickards at HVFF San Jose

When I saw an ad that Heroes and Villains Fan Fest was in San Jose this weekend, I decided last minute to jump on it! After all, the main stars of Arrow, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsay (and pretty much everyone else) were going to be there. What a great chance for me to meet the stars! I made it my mission; I was going to meet Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity Smoak on Arrow. I've loved the show since season 1 and I've been outfitting the show with jewelry since season 2. Also, they film in Vancouver, so when would be my next chance?

Heroes and Villains is designed to be a more intimate fan convention experience - for a price, you can purchase a photo opportunity as well as an autograph. I decided to purchase a photo with Emily and then queue later for an autograph!

Got there right when the doors opened and got into the line to get ready for my photo with Emily. Before the show, I got some great tips such as BE PREPARED for the photos to go quickly and that the photo op was not the place to have a chat. While waiting, I spotted a fellow fan wearing - what else? - some Peggy Li Creations earrings! I was shy but eventually introduced myself. Chatting with fans in line was probably the BEST part of the day, to be honest. Everyone was so thrilled to be there and to be meeting the actors who play characters who mean so much to them. 

As described, the line moved quickly and when I made it to the photo area, there was Emily! Yep, she is as gorgeous in person as you would expect. She made eye contact, shook my hand, and we had a split second to pose... I was so worried I'd do something weird and yes, I think my face is all "I AM SO HAPPY."

That was fast! So I headed straight to her autograph table to check the schedule... all the while hearing buzz that she and the cast would be leaving the venue at 4pm sharp because they were all jumping back on a plane to the wedding of show runner Greg Berlanti later that evening! Talk about a hectic schedule!


I wish I had an awesome story for when I met Emily, but I got caught at the end of the line before she had to leave for her next photo shoot and I think she was in a bit of a rush, so I didn't quite get to chat with her. I was able to drop off a little gift for her, however - the two pieces below. I think they match her style and I hope she likes them! Silly me, I should have written her a letter (now I know for next time). In any case, she was kind, gracious and as attentive as you could be to each fan. 

In all, it was a fun event with tons of great fans. I will certainly be back, maybe to meet all the OTA team once again, and maybe even to have a booth on the vendor floor. Will I see you at a Heroes and Villains Fan Fest someday soon?

xoxo Peggy