Jewelry Seen on Christmas in Angel Falls

Ah, the holiday season is upon us! There's nothing better than curling up by the fire with friends or loved ones and catching the avalanche of delightful Christmas movies that hit the airwaves. This year, the Hallmark Channel is pulling out all the stops with dozens of original TV movies featuring stars like Danica McKellar, Candice Cameron Burre, Alicia Witt, Catherine Bell, and so many more! 

One of my absolute favorites this year was Christmas in Angel Falls, starring Rachel Boston, Paul Greene and Beau Bridges. This movie was written by Melissa De La Cruz, author of the Witches of East End book series (and Rachel starred in the TV series of the same name as Ingrid Beauchamp). 

It's the story of angel Gabby Messinger and her assignment by angel Michael (Beau Bridges) to help bring the Christmas spirit back to the town of Angel Falls. Along the way, she meets hunky local volunteer fire fighter Jack Avery (Paul Greene) and learns what it means to be human. 

I love my collaborations with Rachel Boston! How do you accessorize an angel? Here are her choices:

Tiny Gem Circlet Earrings in Pearl:

Tiny Gem Circlet earrings in pearl paired with my Gemmy Beaded Necklace in silverite.

Little Guardian Angel Wing Necklace:

Did you love Christmas in Angel Falls? What are your favorite holiday movies?