FAQ: Did you make the necklace worn by MacKenzie on "The Newsroom"?

I've been getting quite a few emails lately asking if Ithe gold charm necklace worn by MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) on HBO show "The Newsroom" is from my line of handmade jewelry, Peggy Li Creations. The short answer is no, I am not. What is the necklace MacKenzie wears on The Newsroom?

The Newsroom necklace is the "Mackenzie" necklace by Dominic Cohen, featuring 5 coin pendants on 20" long chain, all in 18k gold and the price is $1,400. That's probably more than most of us want to spend, so I have a few similar necklaces that are like the Mac necklace for you to try!
Emily Mortimer, "MacKenzie" on The Newsroom
MacKenzie (Emily Mortimer) on The Newsroom with the "newsroom necklace".
Mother's Charm Necklace -- Similar to the MacKenzie necklace, this necklace features your choice of number of 1/2" diameter charms (up to five) that are evenly spaced along your length choice of chain. To get the look of the necklace on The Newsroom, select 5 charms on a 20" long chain with "none" for the initials, so the charms are left blank.  You may also request for the charms to have a hammered finish, which I do by hand, for an even more textured look to the necklace.
Mother's Charm necklace, Newsroom necklace
Mother's Charm Necklace, order this with five charms to get  look of the necklace seen on The Newsroom!
5 charm newsroom necklace
Example of the Mother's Charm Necklace with 5 blank charms, brushed matte.
You can also purchase The Newsroom style necklace in sterling silver

Berber Pendant Necklace - Textured Berber charms in gold plated bronze bring an interesting look to the pendants that are stacked on a double-strand. A great layering necklace that you can wear everyday.

Double gold charm necklace
Berber Charm necklace by Peggy Li Creations.
More choices may be available soon! Please visit peggyli.com for even more simple gold charm necklaces and simple earrings. My jewelry has been seen on TV shows like Elementary, Switched at Birth, Grey's Anatomy and more!