Jewelry Worn by Vivian Bang of Sullivan & Son

When I heard about Sullivan & Son, a new TBS TV sitcom produced by Vince Vaughn and starring Steve Byrne, I was intrigued. Mostly because Steve Byrne is known for his stand-up comedy and comedy about his (part) Asian background. Steve's Irish and Korean background is the basis for the show, where Steve takes over his father's bar and has to deal with his (overbearing) Korean mom and reconnect with his sister, Susan (Vivian Bang). This Cheers-for-a-new-generation comedy goes for big laughs and big heart and isn't it about time we put All-American Girl behind us and start seeing some Asian families represented on TV?

I immediately loved Susan, maybe identified with her a little, and really loved her look. While PLC is not really Susan's style, luckily it is Vivian's. I was truly thrilled when actress Vivian Bang accepted a few Peggy Li Creations jewelry pieces to wear!

See the fun, colorful pictures of Vivian wearing a Peggy Li Creations Hammered Domed Ring in gold plate, below!
Vivian Bang gold ring
Actress Vivian Bang wears a Peggy Li Creations ring in this awesome photo.  (Image Credit: Corey Nickols)

Vivian Bang, Sullivan & Son Susan
Thank you, Vivian, for including Peggy Li Creations in these photos!  (Image Credit: Corey Nickols)
Vivian is vivacious and gracious. You can follow Vivian Bang on Twitter!

Thanks again, Vivian! Best of luck to you and Sullivan & Son!