Modern Pearl Jewelry You Can Wear Now

Pearl jewelry is making a resurgence, it is not just a gemstone your Mom or Grandma used to wear! With fashion icons like Veronica from the hit CW TV show Riverdale to Kate Middleton wearing pearls, pearls are popping up everywhere.
Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale wearing her signature pearls.

Making pearls more modern here at Peggy Li Creations means pairing them in simple, minimalist settings or putting them in unexpected situations.  Mix your pearls with denim, wear pearls to work and you can go easily from day to night! I love working with white freshwater pearls, but pearls can come in many amazing natural shades including greys and pinks. Pearls are also readily dyed for even more amazing colors including peacock blues, vibrant pinks, even greens!

I love how TV and film often lead the way in breaking in new fashion combinations, some TV shows I love for mixing pearls in a cool, modern and sophisticated way are Jane the Virgin and Scandal.

Lotus Pearl Earrings, seen on Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez.
Simple Pearl Post Earrings, seen on Scandal.
New Tiny Circlet Earrings in pearl.

Half Moon Gemstone Necklace in pearl.
Pearl Fringe Necklace with amazing soft grey freshwater pearls.

Tiny Circlet Gemstone Necklace in pearl.

Asymmetric Pearl necklace - when wearing pearls, why be ordinary?
How have you transformed the way you wear pearls? What are your everyday pearl jewelry go-tos?


Emma Roberts Jewelry

I'm so lucky to work with amazing costume designers who support my small business of handmade jewelry, Peggy Li Creations. Woke up one morning to the amazing surprise that Emma Roberts will be wearing my Delicate Hoop Earrings in an upcoming movie also starring Hayden Christensen called "Little Italy" (thanks for the heads up Emma Robert's Style & Fashion tumblr and costume designer Joanna Syrokomla).

The film is a romantic comedy about warring pizza restaurants, the movie has an all-star cast in addition to Emma, including Alyssa Milano, Danny Aiello and special guests like Jane Seymour. I grabbed this picture from Jane Seymour's Instagram.  I mean, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman herself! She looks totally incredible, by the way!

Emma Roberts Little Italy
Delicate Hoop Earrings in 14k gold-filled, seen on Emma Roberts in movie Little Italy.

Emma Roberts is best known perhaps for playing Chanel on Scream Queens and of course for being Julia Roberts' niece. Exciting to see her in a movie that is lighter (and less scary!).

See all the jewelry from Peggy Li Creations seen on TV/film. And if you want to know more about costume designer Joanna, check out her blog. She's an active member of the costume designer community and blogs about her costume design adventures and a little bit about the industry as well.


Flower Shop Mystery - Brooke Shields Jewelry

I've always loved mysteries! I read Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle voraciously as a kid. Some of my favorite books of all time are hard-boiled detective novels by Dashiell Hammett.

So I was super excited to hear that Hallmark Movies created a whole series of TV movie mysteries, starring fan-favorite actresses like Lori Loughlin, Candace Cameron Bure, Brooke Burns and Alison Sweeney*.  In the tradition of Murder, She Wrote (love Angela Lansbury), these stories are filled with romance, laughs, and of course, murder and mayhem!

I recently was able to send a Peggy Li Creations necklace for star Brooke Shields for, "Flower Shop Mystery - Snipped in the Bud." In this series, Brooke stars as former lawyer Abby Knight from the books written by Kate Collins. Abby is starting over after the death of her husband when she opens a flower shop in her small hometown. Soon enough however, she is embroiled in murder and mystery! The series also stars Brennan Elliot as Marco Salvare and Beau Bridges as Jeffrey.

Here is Brooke as Abby is wearing my Simple Dot Necklace in gold plate!
Brooke Shields Hallmark Mysteries
Brennan Elliot and Brooke Shields in "Flower Shop Mystery - Snipped in the Bud".

Brooke Shields Flower Shop Mystery
Brooke Shields as Abby Knight wearing my Simple Dot Necklace.
Peggy Li Creations Simple Dot Necklaces!
Brooke is such an icon, it's amazing to have her in my jewelry and to see her continuing to rock those Calvins! Find out more about the Flower Shop Mystery series on Hallmark Movies. Have you watched any of these mystery movies? Which series is your favorite? Why do so many revolve around food?

Shop all the jewelry seen on TV/film at!


* When I lived in Los Angeles, I would often see Alison Sweeney and Bryan Datillo when I would go swing dancing at The Derby in Los Feliz - in full retro gear. I was a fan of "Days of our Lives" so seeing Sami and Lucas together IRL was amazing!

Collaborate with Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry!

Do you love minimalist, feminine yet modern jewelry? Are you a fan of great fashionable TV shows like Scandal, Elementary, Jane the Virgin or The Bachelorette? Or maybe you're a huge fan of shows like Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars?  Peggy Li Creations would love to work with you!
I'm always looking for great influencers, bloggers, and companies that align with our brand to collaborate with. Whether via simple posts or setting up a great giveaway/contest, pitch me your ideas! Here are my ideal candidates for collaborations:

  • Please have around 5,500+ followers.  Note: followers must be legitimate and cannot be paid for.
  • Please  photo(s) of jewelry within 2 weeks of receiving product or inform me of scheduled post date.
  • Don't forget to tag our handle (Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest: @plcpeggy, Facebook @peggylicreations)
  • Hashtag #plcpeggy (I want to be able to find your posts!)
I love working with Jessica at Hapatime - her images are amazing!  She's also a blogger local to me, which I love!


  • Must have at least 1,000 subscribers.  Please include a link to your blog.
  • Posts must include 3-4 images of the jewelry worn by you/styled as lifestyle or product photos.
  • Must include a hyperlink to our website and link directly to the jewelry piece used so your readers can easily find it on our website.
  • Please provide a link of your post so we can promote it on our own social media platforms. 

Have a special occasion, photo shoot, film/TV show you'd like pieces for? Let me know!

  • Please have around 5,500+ followers.  Note: followers must be legitimate and cannot be paid for.
  • Please  photo(s) of jewelry within 2 weeks of receiving product or inform me of scheduled post date.
  • Don't forget to tag our handle (Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest: @plcpeggy, Facebook @peggylicreations)
  • Hashtag #plcpeggy (I want to be able to find your posts!)
So proud of Jessica Meuse, American Idol contestant, who continues to pursue her music career long after her season ended.

By sharing photos featuring Peggy Li Creations jewelry, you consent to Peggy Li Creations reposting the images on our own social media and website. We will always tag you for your content!

If you can meet the above requirements, please email us at 
Look forward to hearing from you!

How I Use Instagram for My Business

When Instagram first burst on the scene, I must admit I was pretty much thinking "Ugh, ANOTHER social media platform to work on?!". As a small handmade jewelry designer, doing social media for my business is a must. There are the biggies like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, so why do I also add Instagram to my plate?

To me, Instagram is like a more visual Twitter. You can take the time to set up an image and craft your comment and then it is captured like a picture diary in your Instagram feed. Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, they are upping their game adding Live streaming and "stories" (a la Snapchat).

The most frustrating thing about Instagram, much like Facebook, is that there are these milestones you feel like you have to accomplish to be a "good" poster. Nice consistent images (not too many food pictures unless you are a food blogger, or your pets, etc. if that isn't your focus), post at least once a day, write engaging, meaningful captions, get as many followers as you can, or else no one will see your images in their feed... it's very chicken-and-egg and mysterious as to how to get more folks to see my feed. I'd love to share links in my Instagram stories, for example, but it is restricted to "verified" and business accounts with 10k or more followers. I've been trying to get verified on Twitter for months (that's another story) but have no idea how to get verified on Instagram and 10k followers?! seems like an impossible goal.
 Follow me on Instagram!
Follow me on Instagram!
Nevertheless, I must persist! I feel it is truly a wonderful outlet for fans and customers to have a little peek at the behind-the-scenes of the business. The good, the bad, the ugly. It is also a great way to see and learn about other artists, which is probably my favorite aspect of Instagram. I'll never have the perfectly staged images or whatnot, but that captures my business - I work solo and I'm multitasking and I make pieces to order and I focus my time on running the business rather than staging it. Maybe I'm a little boring? I can't fake the glamorous Insta-life that seems so unattainable.

Do you use Instagram? Got any tips for me? Check out my feed and follow me at Peggy Li Creations Instagram.


Rachel Lindsay Jewelry, The Bachelorette Beaded Necklaces

Another season of The Bachelorette is almost complete and is possibly the-most-dramatic-ever! I've really admired Rachel Lindsay and how she has carried herself this season, really cutting through the chaff (except for keeping that Whaboom guy, wtf?). Her style this season has been a little more figure-hugging and luxe than previous Bachelorettes, so I was so thrilled to see Rachel wearing a few of my Peggy Li Creations Basic Beaded Necklaces during her hometowns!

Necklaces on The Bachelorette
Basic Beaded Necklaces seen on Rachel Lindsay
Far from basic, the Basic Beaded Necklaces come with your choice of number of beads and different lengths to mix and match how you want to match your style. Available in sterling silver or 14k gold-filled, these necklaces are super affordable as well.

She's wearing my single bead in 16" length and 5 bead in 18" length in these show promo pictures from ABC:
Rachel on her date with Peter.

Rachel Lindsday the Bachelorette
Rachel on her date with Dean.

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette necklaces
Rachel on her date with Eric.

Good luck on your journey to finding love, Rachel. Who do you think makes it past hometowns, Bryan, Eric, Dean or Peter?

Check out jewelry seen on past Bachelorettes Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe over on my website,


Peggy Li Creations Calder Earrings in Accessories Magazine

It's always an honor to be recognized by fans or the jewelry industry, so it was amazing to see my Calder Earrings in the latest email blast from Accessories Magazine. The earrings were a part of the article "Whitney's Calder: Hypermobility Show Channels Jewelry's Latest Trend".  I recently visited the Calder exhibit at the newly revamped San Francisco MOMA and loved it. With my jewelry design, I'm always trying for a balance of delicacy and substance.

The Calder Earrings were also seen on actress Nina Dobrev as part of the season 7 promotional images for The Vampire Diaries as well as on actress Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak on Arrow. Check out the article and images below and be sure to visit my website Peggy Li Creations for more information and to shop the look!

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert Calder Earrings
Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries wearing the Calder Earrings.

Calder Earrings worn by Emily Bett Rickards
Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in Arrow wearing the Calder Earrings.

Shop the Calder Earrings at!


Aria (Lucy Hale) Earrings on Pretty Little Liars

Only a few episodes left of Pretty Little Liars and Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) has been playing for the A.D. team in an attempt to get out of the game. In the latest episode "The Glove that Rocks the Cradle," Aria is dispatched by A.D. to go vandalize Emily and Alison's new nursery. In true Aria style, she gets a little too into the task, tearing up teddy bears(!) and eventually needing to stand there with the girls out of breath and pretending to look surprised. Eagle-eyed Spencer spots an earring on the floor and recognizes it as Aria's - who quickly says she must have dropped it on the way in. They've always said Aria is the best liar of the Liars!

The earring Aria is wearing is a Peggy Li Creations Orange Sapphire Cluster Earring (also seen on The Vampire Diaries). Here is how the whole scene went down:

Spencer: "What's this?"

My answer: Orange sparkly goodness?

Aria: Whoopsie! That was close.

Costume designer Cameron Dale had informed me she was looking for jewelry, some small, delicate earrings, and I sent a few samples out to her. I'm so glad she picked the gemstone earrings for this important moment in the show!

Shop all the jewelry looks seen on Pretty Little Liars on the website and read about them on my blog post Pretty Little Liars Endgame Fashion.


Jewelry Business Tips and Hints: Branding, Packaging

I'm often completely focused on cranking through my designs and fulfilling my Peggy Li Creations orders. Packing up the orders is my LEAST favorite activity. But that step after the order is completed can be equally important! I'm talking about packaging and other finishing touches. After all, the first impression a customer gets of your work is when they get the package in the mail and first open it!

I ship using USPS Priority shipping because they provide the boxes/packaging -- that in and of itself looks consistent and professional. I also take advantage of their online postage printing -- a printed label also looks more professional than a hand-written one. It can also help eliminate errors in addresses.

For the product itself, after some trial and error, I've settled on a system that works for me. Zip-top bags for each item (to prevent items from scratching each other), bubble wrap and colorful tissue with a branded sticker. It's simple and functional and doesn't cost a ton (you have to consider all of your packaging part of your expenses. After time, it definitely adds up!).

I've also started giving my jewelry a final polish before packaging -- seems like a no-brainer, but when you are tired at 1 am, it's something I usually forget to do! Smudges, fingerprints, I try and make sure those are cleaned up before the item gets bagged. I like using a Sunshine Cloth, but Pro-Polish pads are great, too (just remember that there is an abrasive on one side).

Some great resources for packaging, including hot-stamped boxes and other custom pieces:

Nashville Wraps
Bags and Bows
Bags of Bags

I use RioGrande, which requires a wholesale account, Nashville Wraps and Bags of Bags.

Got packaging tips and hints? Post a comment and please share!


Jewelry Gifts for Grads!

Every year, as Spring turns to Summer, students turn into graduates. It’s the long awaited and well deserved break many of these hard-working kids have been working toward for years. Many of us get stuck trying to think up thoughtful and creative presents to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of those we love. We search department store shelves, Pinterest boards, and fashion magazines, but of course you are looking for something a little more special and personal for your graduate.

That's where the team here at Peggy Li Creations jewelry would love to help!  Why not treat your grad to some sparkling Diamond Earrings?

Mini Rose Gold Pave Diamond earrings! Rose gold is so hot and is a wonderful, soft golden pink. 

Draped Pave Diamond Earrings are made just for Peggy Li Creations! Traditional sparkle with just a hint of fashion edge. 

Another great way to celebrate your grad with a gift is to give them something personalized. A personalized necklace featuring their initials or the date of their graduation will make your gift even more special.

Nameplate Necklace by Peggy Li Creations. Seen on Rachel Bilson on TV show Hart of Dixie!

Large Letter Initial Necklace by Peggy Li Creations.
What kind of gifts are you thinking of getting for your grad?


Pretty Little Liars Endgame Fashion

I can't believe that iconic TV show Pretty Little Liars is ending after seven seasons! While we wait until April 18th for the final episodes, here is a sneak peek of what's going to happen to our girls Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Alison. 

Will we finally find out who AD is? Which couples will end up together? So many questions! What we know so far is that there are many characters who will return and there will be another time jump! What else do we know? That Peggy Li Creations jewelry will be a part of the amazing Pretty Little Liars fashion. Check out the screenshot below, featuring Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) and Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). Hanna is wearing my Open Sunburst Necklace and Alison is wearing my Onyx Drop Necklace.

Open Sunburst Necklace seen on Hanna (Ashley Benson)

Onyx Drop Necklace seen on Alison (Sasha Pieterse)

Even more exciting for me is that in this back half of the final season, we have Aria (Lucy Hale) wearing my designs! Aria has always been the boho chic, fashion-forward liar, so it's super exciting to see my work integrated with her style.

lucy hale pretty little liars
Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) in my Nameplate Necklace (hers reads 'liar" - could that be an AD hint?)

Aria Lucy Hale Necklace PLL
Aria (Lucy Hale) wearing my Have a Heart Necklace on Pretty Little Liars!
Alison DiLaurentis Necklace
Alison wears my Open Arc Necklace on Pretty Little Liars.

Hanna Marin Necklace
Hanna (Ashley Benson) wears my Hematite Lariat Necklace in gold stones.

Klea Scott Necklace Pretty Little Liars
Jillian (Klea Scott) wears my Mother of Pearl Fern Necklace on Pretty Little Liars (also seen on HTGAWM).

Aria's Earrings Pretty Little Liars
Aria (Lucy Hale) drops an Orange Sapphire Cluster Earring in this episode and almost gets caught as an AD minion!
Click here to see all the jewelry used on the show so far. Did you know, the current costume designer of the show also designed Hart of Dixie and the upcoming Famous In Love? It's a pleasure to work with such talent over and over.

What are you most looking forward to in the final few episodes of Pretty Little Liars? I'm sure there are many Haleb and Ezria and Spooby fans who are hoping their OTP actually end up together. Will they be able to tie up the story in a satisfying way? Who do you think will ultimately be AD? I'd love it to be one of the Liars, maybe Aria? She is the original "shushher" after all.


Jewelry seen on Famous in Love

Did you binge the whole series of Famous in Love like I did? Peggy Li Creations jewelry was featured in the entire first season of Famous in Love starring Bella Thorne! Bella is crazy gorgeous and comes hot off of her Disney Channel show (among other projects) Shake it Up, which also starred Zendaya.

Based on the novel by Rebecca Serle, the story is about starlet Paige Townsen who gets her break on a big Hollywood blockbuster and finds her world turned upside down. Not only does she have crazy chemistry with her costars, but she also finds herself getting embroiled in Hollywood deals and maybe even a murder!

The series also stars Niki Koss, Georgie Flores, Charlie DePew and Carter Jenkins. Produced by I. Marlene King of Pretty Little Liars fame, the show is full of drama, romance and mystery. And the fashion? The fashion was amazing young-Hollywood-of-the-moment amazingness! Follow the Famous in Love TV show on Instagram to see great sneak peeks - I spy some awesome 40's inspired dresses and the best ingenue outfits for Paige.

Paige wore my Star Charm Necklace in several episodes, which is fitting, since she is on her way to being a big star in Hollywood.

Bella Thorne star necklace

star necklace
Niki Koss as Alexis Glenn shows her softer side, wearing my Little Leaf Necklace in gold plated silver. She's the villain, but don't underestimate her! 

I adored this scene with Bella Thorne and Carter Jenkins practicing a sexy dance routine. Bella looks amazing in simple dancewear and my Tiny Feather Charm necklace.

The costume designer on this show also designed Hart of Dixie and the final season of Pretty Little Liars (pretty amazing, huh?). Be sure to check out the jewelry designs seen on those two shows, just click on the links.

Are you excited for this show to start? Won't get to us until April 2017!


Choker Necklaces (That Aren't Cheesy)

This past season has seen the return of a 90's favorite - the choker necklace! Maybe you want to rock them at Coachella or Burning Man, or just to your local coffeeshop. Either way, you don't want to look like you pulled it out of your wardrobe past (um, like I could*), you want a fresh, new take on a favorite trend!

Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry has some great choker necklace options.

For the Boho Chic girl:
silver charm choker necklace
Shield Choker on leather cord with a sterling silver pendant with beautiful granulation detail (handmade by wonderful artisans in Bali). Sure, you can wear this to Coachella, but also to coffee out with friends. Festival, but refined.

For the Fashion Girl:
diamond cut choker necklace
The best part of this Like Lace Choker is that the rhodium plated silver chain is diamond cut for extra edge and sparkle. An unusual take on a choker necklace with a little bit of goth glam edge to it. All of these chokers come with 2" of an extender, by the way, so you can wear any of these as a regular 16" long necklace.

For the Glamour Girl:
multi bar rose gold choker necklace
Elegant 14k rose gold plated chain exudes warmth and luxury. My Multi Bar Choker necklace that doesn't feel trendy, just feels right! A choker necklace that is refined enough to dress up or wear to the office.
For the Artist:
handmade choker necklace
Handmade links are woven together with chain and jump rings to create a delicate and delightful Spark Woven Choker Necklace. You'll love the detail and the matching Spark Earrings.
Do you have a favorite? Are you wearing this trend? Sound off in the comments, below! Let me know what styles of necklaces you'd like to see more of, I'm always trying to give you new designs you'll love!

* Want a real choker necklace blast from the past? Check out my floating "invisible" line and Swarovski crystal necklace I made that was worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Wowza!