From Prince to "Empire" - Iconic LoveSexy Tour

I'm so lucky to have awesome relationships with costume designers, many whom I've worked with for many, many years. It's always thrilling to get a text with a request for a a piece of jewelry from my handmade jewelry Peggy Li Creations. But a few weeks ago, the request was a little different. It was a challenge I did not expect!

Steffany, working on the hit Fox show Empire, texted me this image and the message, "Can you make the charms on this belt?"

Whoa. Prince? Empire planned a special season 4 episode with a tribute to the Purple One, with the Lyon family holding a Prince-themed birthday party for baby Bella. At first, they were asking for just the charms, but over the course of our conversation it became clear they needed the whole belt. And, per usual, they needed it within a week or two!

So I gathered my tools (and my wits) and got to work! First I traced out the shapes I wanted onto paper, which I then cut out. Using a glue stick, I affixed these templates onto my sterling silver sheet. With my trusty GreenLion saw, I set about getting those shapes released!

A few hours of sawing, filing and hammering later, I had a pretty cool collection of oversized Prince-themed charms.

Just bits and pieces of silver and lots of dust.

The finished, assembled belt complete with flower, peace sign, guitar, dove, heart, cross and male/female symbol. Which symbol is your favorite?

One of the iconic Prince looks that inspired the Empire costume department, from his 1989 LoveSexy tour, which supported his album of the same name.

The final product, which aired on the Empire season 4 episode "Bleeding War". Star Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon and Bryshere Gray as Hakeem Lyon sing a cover of "Let's Go Crazy" for baby Bella and the Lyon clan. Empire also stars Taraji Henson as Cookie Lyon and Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon.

More polka dots from Prince. How do you think the Empire crew did? All of the looks at the party were so amazing and on point. It doesn't hurt that an executive producer and show director Sanaa Hamri was a friend of Prince and even worked with him on his music video for "Musicology".

I loved working on this special costume design project and was thrilled to see it come to life on the show. Hope you loved it too! Check out more of the jewelry designs I've made that have been seen on TV back on my website.


A Touch of Rose Gold

You've seen it - from headphones to iPhones, "rose gold" is popping up all over the place! Rose gold, otherwise known as red gold, pink gold, or more romantically called "blush" is an alloy or mix of metals that include karat gold, silver and some copper to create that pinkish glow. It's that warmth of color that makes rose gold so amazing - softer than yellow gold, but warm unlike sterling silver, rose gold complements all skin tones and is a surprising addition to your jewelry box.

Here at Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, I am so excited to add touches of 14k rose gold-filled (a more affordable option!) to some of my latest designs. Check out some of these unique and feminine designs below!

Floating circles earrings
Floating Circles Earrings are light and lovely! Available in all 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, and a mix of 14k gold-filled and 14k rose gold-filled. Minimalist chic earrings that will go from day to night.

My Half-Moon Lariat Necklace balances a simple hammered half-moon shape with an organic spike. Choose a Half-Moon Lariat with a 14k rose gold-filled half-moon and 14k gold-filled mix.  It also looks pretty stunning in mixed silver/gold metal or all sterling silver or all 14k gold-filled! With so many options, you might have to have one of each color combination.

Half-Moon Gemmed Necklaces give you the choice of sparkling CZ or white pearl and of course a 14k rose gold-filled half moon as your pendant! The subtle warmth here will catch your eye without being overwhelming.

This may be one of my favorite jewelry designs in a while - a layering necklace that works in a bunchof different lengths AND finishes, including a mixed metal with 14k gold-filled and rose gold-filled links. Which combination of the Floating Circles Necklace is your favorite?

It seems only natural to team these sparkling pink sapphires with a 14k rose gold-filled option! The pink metal tones really emphasize the color of the stones. Shop the Sapphire Droplet Earrings here.

Lastly, some Thin Gold Rings in 14k rose gold-filled. Who doesn't love some delicate and dainty minimalist jewelry that you can stack on any (all) fingers! These are handmade by me in my San Francisco design studio.

So, are you ready to add a rose gold jewelry piece to your collection of unique handmade jewelry?


Jewelry seen on Ice Sculpture Christmas - Rachel Boston

Hallmark Christmas movies are a great new tradition for the whole family. I love working with actress Rachel Boston on her productions (which she often also produces!), creating handmade jewelry from Peggy Li Creations she can use with her vision. One of these new Christmas classics is the movie "Ice Sculpture Christmas" where she stars as Callie Shaw, an aspiring chef. The movie also stars David Alpay and Brenda Strong.

Callie gets a job in the kitchen of the country club of the wealthy family of childhood crush David. David enters Callie into an ice sculpting contest, even though that means she'll go up against her boss, Chef Gloria. David falls in love with Callie's determination, kindness and giving spirit and they end up working together to create a winning ice sculpture.

There are some very Rachel Boston signatures all over this film! Our heroine often wears red (very Christmas spirit) and dazzles in white.

Rachel wears my Smoky Topaz Trillion Earrings and my Rose Gold Tiny Bar Necklace in the opening scenes of the movie!

How amazing is Rachel in this trio of Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry! She's wearing a wire wrapped aquamarine Wire Wrap Ring, some simple Spark Earrings, and a red garnet Bubble Necklace. A perfect example of how to mix and match different jewelry pieces into your wardrobe.

Callie (Rachel Boston) wears my Diamond Pave Wave Post Earrings in several scenes. They are sterling silver and have smoky diamonds roughly faceted.

Looking for a little bit of sparkle? My simple Swarovski Slice Necklace is a mix of crystal shapes that are what you need.

The best part of Hallmark Christmas movies? They will repeat forever on the Hallmark Channel! Be sure to catch Ice Sculpture Christmas around the holiday season and during the "countdown to Christmas" movie marathons they always have.

Do you have a favorite Rachel Boston movie?


October Birthstones - Opal or Tourmaline

Happy birthday October babies! One of the easiest ways to grab a gift for your favorite October birthdays is to get them some birthstone jewelry. Ok, so what are your options? Traditional circles say you have the lucky choice between tourmaline or opal. Let's explore these gemstones a little bit more!

About Opals from the American Gemstone Society:

The name “opal” originates from the Greek word opallios, which meant “to see a change in color.” Dozens of opal varieties exist, but only a few (like Fire Opal and Boulder Opal) are universally recognized. Opals are often referred to by their background “body color”—black or white. Australia has produced some of the world's finest opals and opals from that country makes up almost 95% of the worlds' supply.

I love opals for their unusual colors that change depending on how you look at it! They are a softer gemstone, so should be treated with care. Technically, opals are a hydrated amorphous form of silica and can come in many shades of color, with white being the most common. 

I love these "grey backed" opals that I have set in these oval opal rings!
opal rings

I also have Australian opal chips that are so amazing clustered in my Opal Light Earrings.

Because of their delicate nature, opals are often created as doublets or triplets, that is, backed or covered by other stones or material to strengthen and protect them. 

I have these Mosaic Opal pendants that are protected by clear quartz to preserve their amazing colors.

Not so thrilled by opals? Lucky for October birthdays, you can also choose tourmaline as your birthstone. Tourmalines are one of my favorite stones ever! They come in a rainbow of colors, the most popular being green and pink. If those colors are together it's know as watermelon tourmaline.

About tourmalines from the American Gemstone Society:

The name "tourmaline" comes from the Sinhalese words tura mali, which mean "stone of mixed colors." As its name implies, tourmaline stands apart from other gems with its broad spectrum of colors in every shade of the rainbow.

Tourmaline is not one mineral, but a fairly complex group of minerals with different chemical compositions and physical properties. Certain trace elements produce distinct colors, and many resulting varieties have their own names.

Ancient magicians used black tourmaline as a talisman to protect against negative energy and evil forces. Today, many still believe that it can shield against radiation, pollutants, toxins and negative thoughts.

I can't keep my tourmalines in stock. You can try these gemstones in some classic shapes and colors or be bold and try some more unique tourmaline jewelry designs.

Small Oval Tourmaline Rings - so easy to stack! 
Rough tourmaline and aquamarines makes this necklace so unique! Harmony Necklace.

Delicate Tourmaline Necklace in classic watermelon colors!
Tourmaline Earrings in an easy to wear stack.

So which is YOUR favorite? Really, why choose? Both stones are great to have in your jewelry arsenal. Shop these and other handmade jewelry designs at my website Peggy Li Creations.


Felicity Smoak Cosplay

You may not be obvious, but I have some deep sci-fi geek/fangirl roots. Conventions I have been to: Star Trek, X-Files, and the mother of all conventions, Comic Con in San Diego. Some of my favorite moments at these conventions are the amazing costumes people create to dress as their favorite characters. Or, rather, embody their favorite characters! Cosplay continues to get better and better - to get the details right, information on what their favorite characters actually wear has become more and more important.

Everyone's favorite IT girl, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), has been the breakout character from the CW Arrow universe, which is designed by costume designer Maya Mani. Peggy Li Creations jewelry has been so lucky to provide accessories to the TV show for the past few seasons. If you're looking to cosplay Felicity (or Olicity), this would be a great place to start!

HUGE thanks to Arrow Fashion Blog, Worn on TV and Shop Your TV for all their detective work. Visit these websites for up to date fashion spots from each episode of Arrow.

The Glasses:
Felicity breaks stereotypes. She's feminine and caring, yet she is also a business woman, inventor and brilliant computer hacker. Her original frames were identified as Jasmin "Soho" two tone frames, long since sold out. Get the look by searching for rectangle shape frames in two colors.

Here I've found a set of eyeglass frames in similar brown/pink tones from Warby Parker (and they have a ton of similar frames in a dark brown/blue combo):

Felicity Smoak eyeglasses
IT girl Felicity at work in her signature eyeglasses and Peggy Li Creations Black Spinel Earrings and Blue Druzy Pendant Necklace.

The Dress:
Felicity at work loves a great body-con dress! Some of the brands she sports are Sandro, Ted Baker and Roland Mouret.

Felicity Smoak orange dress
Felicity rocking an amazing orange body conscious dress on Arrow season 3 episode Nanda Parbat.

The Shoes:
High heels? No problem! Felicity has great calves and shows them off by wearing heels (with sensible supporting straps, of course). Usually in a neutral like nude. She's gone high-end with Christian Louboutins as well as worn more affordable options like Dolce Vita and Aldo.
Felicity Smoak leopard high heels
Fighting Star City crime in high heels, Felicity Smoak.

The Jewelry:
So thrilled a that dozens of PLC jewelry pieces have been used on Arrow and not just on Felicity. Peggy Li Creations jewelry has been on Thea Queen (Willah Holland) and Susan Williams (Carly Pope) on the show!

Some of my favorites:

Felicity Smoak Triangle Earrings
Handmade Aqua Triangle Earrings and Leaf Drop Necklace (sold out).

Felicity Smoak gemstone earrings
I love this softer look on Felicity, with my Cascade Gemstone Earrings.

pearl necklace felicity smoak
Perfect single Pearl Drop Necklace - which is your favorite?

I'd love to see your best Felicity Smoak cosplay outfits! And don't forget to check out all of the jewelry seen on Arrow. Super excited for new Arrow season 6 which premieres now on Thursdays!


Jewelry seen on Related - Lizzy Caplan, Kiele Sanchez

How about this for a throwback? In 2005-2006 the WB TV show "Related" had an awesome pedigree - "Friends" producer Marta Kaufman and "Sex and the City" writer Liz Tuccillo. Together they created a show about the four Italian-American Sorelli sisters and got an all-star cast of Jennifer Esposito (Ginnie Sorelli), Lizzy Caplan (Marjee Sorelli), Kiele Sanchez (Anne) and Laura Breckenridge (Rose). Set in Brooklyn, the show was about the Sorelli sisters' family dynamic and of course life and love for these young ladies! Back in the day HD wasn't really HD, but I wanted to capture the amazingness of some early Peggy Li Creations jewelry that was featured on the show!

Cast of Related Lizzy Caplan Jennifer Esposito Kiele Sanchez
Look at this beautiful cast (backlot of Paramount studios or the streets of Brooklyn? You decide!) - from left to right, Kiele Sanchez as Ann, Lizzy Caplan as Marjee, Jennifer Esposito as Ginnie, Callum Blue as Bob, and Lauren Breckenridge as Rose. Notice the large Wooden O necklace worn by Lizzy Caplan - those amazing wood pendants were limited edition and was matched with leather cord. You can see Lizzy wearing this necklace in the opening credits of the show as well!

One of the main storylines involves Ann and her ex boyfriend Danny. Although she's a therapist, Ann probably has the most messy relationships of all the Sorelli sisters! Here, Kiele Sanchez as Ann looks amazing in my Long Pearl Drop Earrings

I loved the natural wood look - here Ann wears a Tiger Ebony and 18k gold pendant necklace in the pilot episode of the show. Check out my Tiger Ebony Warm Wood Bracelet for a touch of that look.

Fiesty youngest sister Rose is perfect for some of my bolder, more unique jewelry design of the time! A huge slice of mother of pearl made for a dramatic pendant for Laura Breckenridge as Rose.

Rose grows up quickly on the show, in this clip from the season finale she wears a pair of Oval Gem Earrings with aquamarine stones.

Where are these ladies now? Jennifer Esposito went on to star on TV shows like Blue Bloods and NCIS. Lizzy Caplan is now an Emmy-nominated actress from her work on Masters of Sex. Kiele Sanchez had an ill-fated turn on TV juggernaut Lost and can now be seen on Kingdom. Laura has guest-starred on various shows including Bull and Criminal Minds.

Although the WB is no longer, these shows remain in our memories! Hopefully Lizzy Caplan will return to some comic roots as she showed such fun as Marjee in this show.

See all the jewelry seen on Television from Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry.


Jewelry on You're the Worst

FXX show "You're the Worst" stars Aya Cash, Chris Geere, Kether Donohue, Desmin Borges and Janet Varney as a group of friends navigating love and life in Los Angeles. As you can tell by the title, these people aren't necessarily the most stable of individuals! Jimmy (Chris Geere) is a self-professed narcissist while Gretchen (Aya Cash) thinks she can not be tied down by a relationship. Now in season 4, we find the unlikely couple dealing with the fallout of Jimmy walking out on Gretchen immediately after proposing to her (and Gretchen saying YES).

In a show filled with quirky characters, Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry has found a few spots! Guest star Tessa Ferrer wore my Single Stone Necklace in season 2 and funny lady Janet Varney (as Becca) wears my Carved Cross Necklace for several episodes.

Janet Varney You're the Worst Becca
Janet Varney as Becca wearing Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry on You're the Worst - Carved Cross Necklace.

Tessa Ferrer jewelry
Tessa Ferrer (of Grey's Anatomy fame) wears Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry on You're the Worst - Single Stone Necklace.

The costume design on the show reflects California casual - they live in Los Angeles and Gretchen works as a Public Relations manager and Jimmy is a budding novelist. I love how Gretchen often layers pendants and has amazing ringstacks. Are you watching this show? It's definitely not your typical rom-com. Catch up with You're the Worst on their website and be sure to check out all the Peggy Li Creations jewelry seen on TV.


Modern Pearl Jewelry You Can Wear Now

Pearl jewelry is making a resurgence, it is not just a gemstone your Mom or Grandma used to wear! With fashion icons like Veronica (played by actress Camila Mendes) from the hit CW TV show Riverdale to princess Kate Middleton wearing pearls, pearls are popping up everywhere.
Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale wearing her signature pearls.
Making pearls more modern here at Peggy Li Creations means pairing them in simple, minimalist settings or putting them in unexpected situations.  Mix your pearls with denim, wear pearls to work and you can go easily from day to night! I love working with white freshwater pearls, but pearls can come in many amazing natural shades including greys and pinks. Pearls are also readily dyed for even more amazing colors including peacock blues, vibrant pinks, even greens!

I love how TV and film often lead the way in breaking in new fashion combinations, some TV shows I love for mixing pearls in a cool, modern and sophisticated way are Jane the Virgin and Scandal.

gina rodriguez pearl earrings
Lotus Pearl Earrings, seen on Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez.
Simple Pearl Post Earrings, seen on Scandal.

kate middleton pearl earrings
Such a style icon! Kate Middleton wearing beautiful pearl earrings.

New Tiny Circlet Earrings in pearl by Peggy Li Creations.

Half Moon Gemstone Necklace in pearl.
Pearl Fringe Necklace with amazing soft grey freshwater pearls.

Tiny Circlet Gemstone Necklace in pearl.

Asymmetric Pearl necklace - when wearing pearls, why be ordinary?
How have you transformed the way you wear pearls? What are your everyday pearl jewelry go-tos?


Emma Roberts Hoop Earrings

I'm so lucky to work with amazing costume designers who support my small business of handmade jewelry, Peggy Li Creations. Woke up one morning to the amazing surprise that Emma Roberts will be wearing my Delicate Hoop Earrings in an upcoming movie also starring Hayden Christensen called "Little Italy" (thanks for the heads up Emma Robert's Style & Fashion tumblr and costume designer Joanna Syrokomla). From the behind the scenes pictures, the casual laid-back fashion will be a nice change from her Scream Queen days!

The film is a romantic comedy about warring pizza restaurants, the movie has an all-star cast in addition to Emma, including Alyssa Milano, Danny Aiello and special guests like Jane Seymour. I grabbed this picture from Jane Seymour's Instagram.  I mean, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman herself! She looks totally incredible, by the way!

Emma Roberts Little Italy
Delicate Hoop Earrings in 14k gold-filled, seen on Emma Roberts in movie Little Italy.

Emma Roberts is best known perhaps for playing Chanel on Scream Queens and of course for being Julia Roberts' niece. Exciting to see her in a movie that is lighter (and less scary!).

See all the jewelry from Peggy Li Creations seen on TV/film. And if you want to know more about costume designer Joanna, check out her blog. She's an active member of the costume designer community and blogs about her costume design adventures and a little bit about the industry as well.


Flower Shop Mystery - Brooke Shields Jewelry

I've always loved mysteries! I read Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle voraciously as a kid. Some of my favorite books of all time are hard-boiled detective novels by Dashiell Hammett.

So I was super excited to hear that Hallmark Movies created a whole series of TV movie mysteries, starring fan-favorite actresses like Lori Loughlin, Candace Cameron Bure, Brooke Burns and Alison Sweeney*.  In the tradition of Murder, She Wrote (love Angela Lansbury), these stories are filled with romance, laughs, and of course, murder and mayhem!

I recently was able to send a Peggy Li Creations necklace for star Brooke Shields for, "Flower Shop Mystery - Snipped in the Bud." In this series, Brooke stars as former lawyer Abby Knight from the books written by Kate Collins. Abby is starting over after the death of her husband when she opens a flower shop in her small hometown. Soon enough however, she is embroiled in murder and mystery! The series also stars Brennan Elliot as Marco Salvare and Beau Bridges as Jeffrey.

Here is Brooke as Abby is wearing my Simple Dot Necklace in gold plate!
Brooke Shields Hallmark Mysteries
Brennan Elliot and Brooke Shields in "Flower Shop Mystery - Snipped in the Bud".

Brooke Shields Flower Shop Mystery
Brooke Shields as Abby Knight wearing my Simple Dot Necklace.
Peggy Li Creations Simple Dot Necklaces!
Brooke is such an icon, it's amazing to have her in my jewelry and to see her continuing to rock those Calvins! Find out more about the Flower Shop Mystery series on Hallmark Movies. Have you watched any of these mystery movies? Which series is your favorite? Why do so many revolve around food?

Shop all the jewelry seen on TV/film at!


* When I lived in Los Angeles, I would often see Alison Sweeney and Bryan Datillo when I would go swing dancing at The Derby in Los Feliz - in full retro gear. I was a fan of "Days of our Lives" so seeing Sami and Lucas together IRL was amazing!